Thursday, November 4, 2010

Old Aerials and Overviews of Winnipeg

I marvel at how the city looked a hundred years ago or even 50 years. Here is a sampling of old aerial and overview images of Winnipeg going back as early as 1875. 

To see a collection of 1000 contemporary aerial photos of Winnipeg click here:  Winnipeg Aerial photos

St Boniface 1880

Winnipeg Central Buisness District c1968
CN East Yards Now The Forks


James Andrew Jaworski said...

When you say "old aerials" I took that to mean old tv/radio antennas.

Alexander Mustang said...

I think is crystal clear that aerials are the shots from the sky, like flying over some Winnipeg apartments and film it or taking photographs of it all.

ajmyhera said...

Isn't that picture of the supposed CNR east yards really the CPR yards? There were no bridges over the CN yards. I think all CN's yards were behind Union Station. It seems it could be a view from the Arlington Street Bridge of the yards between there and the now replaced Salter Street Bridge. There were three bridges over the CPR line and yards, the Arlington, Salter, and Disraeli Freeway (the second bridge in the distance). The car in the foreground looks mid-60s.

cprtrain said...

This is a photo of CPR's coach yard that was located just west of main street.