Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Aerial Photos of Winnipeg -Then and Now

Birds eye views of Winnipeg were all the rage between the 1880s and well into the 19th century.  Click on any picture to see it larger.

Location of Winnipeg buildings in 1872

The view below shows the position of Old Upper Fort Garry drawn in 1948

Winnipeg View in 1881

Birds Eye View of Winnipeg

Saturday, November 27, 2010

"In Winnipeg at Christmas" Poem by Rose Fyleman

In a winter city like Winnipeg, it is important to find ways to enjoy our winters.  There is no better time than Christmas to enjoy traditional images of Christmas.  Whether it's memories of the decorated Christmas window at Eatons, or Toyland, or buying and decorating a real tree, or anticipating the gifts as a child, nothing brings the nostalgia of Christmases past than Rose Fyleman's evocative poem:
"In Winnipeg at Christmas"...
In Winnipeg at Christmas there's lots and lots of snow,
Very clean, and crisp and hard
And glittering like a Christmas card
Everywhere you go;
Snow upon the housetops, snow along the street,
And Queen Victoria in her chair
Has snow upon her snowy hair
And snow upon her feet.
In Winnipeg at Christmas they line the streets with trees-
Christmas trees lit up at night
With little balls of coloured light
As pretty as you please.
The people hurry past you in furry boots and wraps;
The sleighs are like a picture book,
And all the policemen look
Like Teddy Bears in caps.
And oh! The smiling ladies and jolly girls and boys;
And oh! The parties and the fun
With lovely things for everyone-
Books and sweets and toys.
So, if someday at Christmas you don't know where to go,
Just pack your bags I beg,
And start at once for Winnipeg;
You'll like it there I know.

 - Rose Fyleman

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Old Aerials and Overviews of Winnipeg

I marvel at how the city looked a hundred years ago or even 50 years. Here is a sampling of old aerial and overview images of Winnipeg going back as early as 1875. 

To see a collection of 1000 contemporary aerial photos of Winnipeg click here:  Winnipeg Aerial photos

St Boniface 1880

Winnipeg Central Buisness District c1968
CN East Yards Now The Forks